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Billy Kukadia

Managing Director

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Here at 9stars innovations, we pride ourselves in embracing exciting and unique products that bring smiles, more so, innovative products that are simple, distinctive & can be used daily. Above all, products that are value for money and it’s use is simply, justified.

Therefore, we create, promote, and deliver unique products that are appreciated that is something dierent, fun and user friendly. We apply our dynamic and energetic approach to invite honest appraisals from clients to embrace and rectify there idea’s into reality; hence our innovations are highly personalised in the delivery to every household. 


Billy Kukadia’s intellect since he established and ran a successful London company. It has continued to be his motivator since taking over the helm of brands such as Ninestars, Townew, and Cyclomop. This is evident by the pro-active approach and ethos of an organization whose entire raison d’être is to invent, design, improve and manufacture products that are not only functional but are stylish and have a distinct purpose that fulfills a market need.

This was explicitly demonstrated when Ninestars SensorbinTM brand stepped up to the mark to provide a safe, reliable way of disposing of waste when hospital-borne infections hit the headlines.


9stars Innovations has been introducing innovations for everyday living since 1999, and today, our products can be found worldwide. The brands may vary as we support OEM projects.

As manufacturers - distributors, we support and welcome your interest in partnering with us. Explore this commercial opportunity and sustain your business growth in this competitive marketplace.

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    Bulk buying wholesale products is made easy and without huge commitments! 
    As manufacturers, 9stars Innovations is engaging with business partners to address Volume; bulk buying wholesale product prices will always be lower than the single item price for each item. 



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    No matter your route to market, we respect your inspiration & accessing business successes, your efforts & your end goal.

    We acknowledge the actions involved in retaining sustainable margins and rewards; hence we implement control of our pricing structure that allows all partners to be profitable. 

    Whilst quality, service and price remain dominant, we ensure the business needs are met with margin expectations to sustain the operations and rewards.

    We are not in the business of selling cheap but addressing Innovations that address everyday living, value for money and service that’s second to none!

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    Why Work With 9stars Innovations?

    We’re a simple, enterprising company with human values. We are excited & proud of innovating products that address everyday living respecting consumer interest whilst helping businesses excel route to market. A win-win situation, How do we attract, invite & retain further Interest?

    We listen, evaluate, understand, and take steps to address an innovative solution to meet the consumer’s wish list whilst supporting businesses in promoting the products. 

    Trading has changed!

    Face-to-Face retail engagement is changing rapidly. For example, 80% of the public search for products online before buying these web-savvy consumers are more informed about products, availability, and pricing whilst they seek the best deals for the ultimate price. 

    As manufacturers, we respect the changing markets, taking a positive step forward to accommodate these changes whilst protecting future trading.

    So, what makes us so different?

    We take positive steps in building a relationship & listening to resellers, respecting, and finding hands-on solutions to explore opportunities without comprising the consumer experience.

    Whilst price remains the dominant factor in the BuyBox execution. Consumers are still attracted to customer services, delivery, and aftersales management. We must further enhance this experience by executing an exceptional product delivery!

    Price will always remain critical as businesses explore the right balance whilst wishing to increase and sustain a livelihood. As innovators, our focus is on aiding professional partners wishing to continue & find future opportunities to implement a successful business. 

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    Here at 9stars Innovations we pride in ourselves
    in embracing with exciting and unique products
    that brings smiles, more so, innovative products
    that are simple, distinctive & can be used daily.

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